FUEL discounts

Save an average of 50¢/gal
Lock in low rates on your route
Pay automatically in the app
Zero fees
Get an IFTA-ready receipt

How it works

Find a stop

Book a load and select a participating truck stop on your route to get your fuel discount code.

Share your code

At the stop, go inside and show your code to the cashier. They will apply your discount and start your pump.

Fuel up!

Save an avg of 50¢/gal! When you’re done, we’ll handle payment in the app and send an IFTA-ready receipt.

Deep fuel discounts

Save an average of 50¢/gal on fuel with TruckSmarter and hold onto more of your hard-earned money.

Low rates on your route

Book a load, and we’ll alert you when there’s a TruckSmarter fuel discount on your route.

A network for independents

Lower prices for you and more demand for our favorite mom and pop truck stops. That’s a win-win.

How we compare to others

Fuel cards, credit cards & loyalty programs
Discount rates
($0 - $0.15 / gal)
Find instant discounts up to $1/gal and an average of 30c/gal.
Additional fees
Transaction fees, settlement fees, monthly fees
No fees
Absolutely no additional fees.
Get started instantly
3-14 days
Require application and credit check that can take a couple weeks.
Just add a payment method in the app and you are good to go. It’s even faster if you factor with us!
Supports independents
Supports the big guys - and the network that delivers higher prices, less flexibility, and fewer amenities.
We’re working with small-medium sized businesses so you get higher discounts and better amenities at the mom and pop stops you love.


What is required to get started?

Just tap the “Fuel” tab on the TruckSmarter account, select a truckstop near you, add your payment method, and lock in your discount!

How do I pay?

You can pay with a credit/debit card, or if you're a factoring customer, you can pay with your TruckSmarter bank account.

Do I need to have to be/have a fleet or meet a specific criteria?

No! We offer 1.5% factoring to all carriers whether you have one truck or a large fleet. There are no minimums for factoring with TruckSmarter, and we do not have a long-term contract as we want you to do what is best for your business.

What is a pre-authorization?

We pre-authorize your credit/debit card to when you lock in your discount to streamline your experience at the truckstop.

How does it work?

Reserve your discount in the app, give your reservation code to the cashier when you get to the truckstop, then fuel up!

How quickly will I get paid?

We aim to process every payment as quickly as possible. Our standard is to review and process payments within 24 hours of invoice upload. Should you have a TruckSmarter managed bank account, you will receive payments instantly upon our team approving the invoice upload.

What do I do if the truckstop isn’t able to verify my discount code?

Ensure that youre at the right location. If you are, email support@trucksmarter.com or contact support in the app and we’ll work with the truckstop to resolve the issue!

What do I do if the current discount is better than my locked in discount?

You can easily cancel your reservation and make a new one at the better discount!

Neill R.
TruckSmarter has been a huge time saver in my life professionally. Allows me to spend more time with my family instead of bouncing from load board to load board to compare rates and lanes. Now I can do it all with one simple search.
Neill R.
Fern Cliff Trucking
Crawfordsville, IA
Jorge H.
TruckSmarter is our go to load board. As a small mom and pop, we appreciate the well thought-out app that allows us to find the loads we want with the info we need in a fraction of the time.
Jorge H.
Pure Muscle Transport
San Antonio, TX
Emmanuel P.
In a ever changing industry where rates are not only based on truck to load ratio, but also on the competition rates for the same lane, you have to see everything. Just use TruckSmarter 👊🏾.
Emmanuel P.
Paye Logistics LLC
Little Rock, AR
Justin L.
TruckSmarter opens my horizons to brokers I never would’ve connected with before.
Justin L.
RMT Freight LLC
Greenville, SC
Truckers deserve better
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