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Ranked the best diesel savings in America

Save $1000s a year on diesel.
Select from hundreds of truck stops nationwide.
No fuel card. Pay automatically in-app.
Free app with no transaction fees.

How fuel discounts work

Download the TruckSmarter app and save $1000s a year on diesel when you use your fuel discount code at a participating truck stop.

Find a stop

Open the app, select a truck stop along your route, and request your unique fuel discount code.

Use your code

Follow the steps in the app. Apply your discount and start your pump.

Fuel up & go!

When you’re done, we’ll handle payment in the app and send you a receipt.

Deep fuel discounts

Save $1000s a year on fuel with TruckSmarter and hold onto more of your hard-earned money.

Low rates on your route

Select a truck stop along your route, and request your unique fuel discount code.

A network for independents

Lower prices for you and more demand for our favorite mom and pop truck stops. That’s a win-win.

How we compare to others

Fuel cards, credit cards & loyalty programs
Discount rates
$0 - $0.15 / gal
Find instant discounts up to $1.50/gal and an average of 50c/gal.
Additional fees
Transaction fees, settlement fees, monthly fees
No fees
No transaction fees. No hidden fees. No monthly minimums.
Get started instantly
3-14 days
Require application and credit check that can take a couple weeks.
No fuel card needed. Just add a payment method in the app and you are good to go.
Supports independents
Supports the big guys - and the network that delivers higher prices, less flexibility, and fewer amenities.
We’re working with small-medium sized businesses so you get higher discounts and better amenities at the mom and pop stops you love.


How do I reserve in a fuel discount?

Just tap the “Fuel” tab in the TruckSmarter app, select a truck stop near you, add your payment method, and reserve your discount!

How do I pay?

You can pay with a Visa of MasterCard credit or debit card.

If you're a factoring customer, you can pay with your TruckSmarter card. Using your TruckSmarter card gives you 1% cash back.

Do I need to have to be/have a fleet or meet a specific criteria?

No, fuel discounts are available to all carriers.

What is a pre-authorization?

We pre-authorize your credit or debit card to when you lock in your discount to streamline your experience at the truck stop.

How does it work?

Reserve your discount in the app, give your reservation code to the cashier when you get to the truckstop, then fuel up!

How do I find TruckSmarter's partnered truck stops with fuel discounts?

View all locations in the TruckSmarter app, in the Fuel tab. You can also view all of our location at trucksmarter.com/truck-stop-locations.

What do I do if the truckstop isn’t able to verify my discount code?

Ensure that you're at the right location. If you are, email support@trucksmarter.com or contact support in the app and we’ll work with the truck stop to resolve the issue!

What do I do if the current discount is better than my locked in discount?

You can easily cancel your reservation and make a new one at the better discount.

I’ve been pleasantly surprised with TruckSmarter! The ease of uploading invoices and the speed with which I get paid make it well worth checking out.

Joe Brito
Brito's Trucking & Logistics LLC

TruckSmarter is the best factoring company out there — it’s simple, straightforward, and I often get paid in less than 20 minutes.

Ken Tuggle
Tuggle Enterprises LLC
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