Case Study for Brokers: Armstrong Transport Group
July 5, 2023
3 Mins
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TruckSmarter emerges as a leading source of quotes and bookings for Armstrong Transport Group

The Players

About Armstrong
Armstrong is a prominent transportation and third party logistics provider serving clients across the country, with 1.5M+ shipments to date and 60K+ carrier partners.

About TruckSmarter
TruckSmarter is the free load board where brokers can post unlimited loads, expand their carrier network, and cover loads quicker.

About Parade
Parade offers capacity management to help freight brokerages and 3PLs source and reuse carriers, automate bookings, and win more business.

The Challenge

Armstrong wanted to expand its customer base and maintain its high quality of services in the face of a volatile freight market and rising customer demands. Their goals were to:

        • Expand their reach

        • Increase capacity

        • Improve carrier management processes

        • Boost efficiency

The Approach

Armstrong partnered with TruckSmarter and Parade to meet these goals. Together, we determined the best way to move forward:

1. To improve carrier management processes, boost efficiency, and increase capacity, Armstrong needed to:

        • Streamline communication

        • Break down silos

        • Reduce manual processes by leveraging automation

2. To expand their carrier base, Armstrong needed a platform that provided access to a more expansive network of high quality carriers.

The Solution

Armstrong tapped into Parade’s automation and capacity management platform to get in front of 120,000 carriers using the TruckSmarter Load Board.

The Results

TruckSmarter emerged as a leading source of quotes and bookings through Armstrong's Parade SyndicationPortal, resulting in:


        • 18%decrease in the time it takes to cover loads

        • 1,200 more quotes per month”                

        • 836 new carriers joined their network

The Takeaway

Armstrong is committed to continuous improvement, constantly seeking innovative solutions to enhance customer service and stay ahead of the competition.

By leveraging digital technology and collaborating with strategic partners like TruckSmarter and Parade,Armstrong has positioned itself to tackle the challenges of the volatile freight market and ensure its clients continue to receive the highest quality services.

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