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Our carriers are verified and vetted for quality, so you can rest easy knowing more loads will be delivered on time.

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Let us do the heavy lifting. We make it easy to add loads with world-class customer service and tools like Parade.

Save time with tech

We’re transforming the industry by providing a digital edge. From digital bidding to tools in development like load tracking, we’ll reduce your operational costs.


What is TruckSmarter?

TruckSmarter is a load board with over 100k owner operators and small fleets, who book most of their loads on our app. We’re also the highest rated load board app on both app stores!

We pride ourselves on being hyper-focused on the carrier experience, and giving them tools to operate their businesses intelligently and efficiently.

In addition to a loadboard, we provide drivers banking and factoring services, and have several more offerings drivers will love in the pipeline.

We’re excited to be partnering with Parade to get you access to a ton of high quality capacity, and look forward to innovating with them in the future on things like bid management, load tracking, project bidding, and more!

Who should I contact for support?

Email and CC your Parade rep

Who should I contact for carrier issues?

Email with any carrier complaints or issues

How does TruckSmarter verify carriers?

Drivers book the majority of their freight through TruckSmarter, so in addition to basic validation of carrier qualifications via SAFER, we are able to verify a carrier’s status with dozens of major brokers to provide an added layer of security.

How many carriers are on TruckSmarter?

We have over 100,000 small fleets and owner operators on the platform, and we continue to grow by double digit % every week.

How do I see what my loads look like on the TruckSmarter app?

Email and we can send over screenshots of your loads in the app!

We can also get you a limited carrier account so you can see your loads live in the app.

How do I sign up for a carrier account so I can see my loads?

Reach out to!

How do I activate load posting to TruckSmarter through Parade?

TruckSmarter should be visible in your Syndication page within the Parade web app, but if you’re not seeing it our would like additional support in setting it up, you can reach out to your Parade rep.

I just activated load posting to TruckSmarter through Parade, when will my loads be live in the app?

It takes 24-48 hours for our team to verify your load details and run test to ensure drivers will be able to bid with you, but we aim to get this done as quickly as possible. As soon as your loads are live, you’ll receive an email from the TruckSmarter team!

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