Our mission

Empower truck drivers’ lives

We’re driving change,  
starting with drivers.
Improving the industry through information.
Bringing more independence to independents.
Offering fair and equal access for all.
So drivers can move goods, and make good on their American dream.

The challenge we’re facing

Simply put, the trucking industry is broken.

Truck drivers are the backbone of the American economy. They move 71% of our freight  (~$800bn annually) and make up 6% of the American workforce.

But because the industry is so fragmented, opaque, and structurally misaligned, truck drivers end up spending a lot of time and money just to access the information they need to keep their businesses running.

50+ APPS
avg number of digital broker apps drivers use today
avg amount drivers spend on fuel a year
30 Days
time it can take for a broker to pay a driver for a load

What we’re building

We’re building a one-stop shop for truck drivers and owner-operators. This means one place where drivers can start, grow, manage, and scale their businesses. TruckSmarter brings transparency and simplicity to their day-to-day, so owner-operators can run their businesses their way. We help them:

1. Find loads
Find, bid on, and book higher paying loads, for free
2. Fuel up
Spend less of their hard-earned cash on fuel
3. Get paid
Get paid quicker and hold onto more of their money

The industry

The landscape is structurally fragmented, driving many of the inefficiencies we see today.

Over the last 5 years, the trucking industry has become increasingly digitized.
In fact, app downloads from the largest freight companies have grown 680% since 2017.

New tech made it easier for independent owner-operators and brokers to enter the market. This increased drivers moving loads through many small brokers — each with their own app.

However, the small percentage of Big Players in this industry still control much of the information with zero incentive to share. This means today’s owner-operator needs dozens of apps and subscriptions to do their job every day.


The number of U.S. trucking companies 
(and 90% operate six or fewer trucks)


Annual revenue generated by the trucking industry


The number of gallons of fuel trucks consume in a year


The amount we’ve raised to build our one-stop shop for truck drivers

The only way to improve the industry is to fix the problems that truck drivers face. That’s why our entire focus is to improve the lives of truck drivers everywhere.

Daniel Kao, Co-Founder and CEO

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